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6Pcs Ear Wax Removal Kit Ear Wax Cleaning Tool

6Pcs Ear Wax Removal Kit Ear Wax Cleaning Tool

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1. Spiral massage ear spoon, 360° spiral cleaning ear wax without dead angle, easy and convenient to use.

2. Suitable for cleaning small, dry earwax, large, oily earwax, high efficiency and thoroughly cleaning.

3. Soothe ear canal by massaging to remove residual wax from the wall of the ear canal.

4. Can effectively remove accumulated earwax, relieve itching and massage the ear canal while cleaning.

5. Made of high quality stainless steel, durable and rust‑proof, easy to clean and are not easily deform.


Item Type: Ear Wax Cleaner Set
Material: Stainless Steel
Usage: Cleaning ear canal dirt

Package Contains:
1 x U Shape Ear Spoon 
1 x Spring Massage Ear Spoon
1 x Ear Spoon M
2 x Ear Spoon S  
1 x Spiral Ear Spoon 
1 x Storage Box  

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